Friday, December 28, 2012

Escen broken

In order to advance on the automatic bindings for Ender elements, Escen is broken and thus Eon. Sadly Escen needs a heavy refactor right now, but at least new features have reached Ender. Now, it is possible to define functions for structs so basically we can now map into Ender more C libraries. This was a requirement for Ender long time ago to basically support properties and functions for known-size native objects. This allows for example to match the following header:

typedef struct _Enesim_Matrix
 double xx, xy, xz;
 double yx, yy, yz;
 double zx, zy, zz;
} Enesim_Matrix;

EAPI void enesim_matrix_translate(Enesim_Matrix *t, double tx, double ty);
EAPI void enesim_matrix_scale(Enesim_Matrix *t, double sx, double sy);
EAPI void enesim_matrix_rotate(Enesim_Matrix *t, double rad);

With the following Ender definition:
struct "Matrix" {
 double "xx";
 double "xy";
 double "xz";
 double "yx";
 double "yy";
 double "yz";
 double "zx";
 double "zy";
 double "zz";
 translate(double, double);
 scale(double, double);

And then do something like this on ender:
Ender_Element *e;
e = ender_namespace_element_new(ns, "Matrix");
ender_element_property_set(e, "xx", 150.0, "yy", 320.0, NULL);
ender_element_function_call(e, "rotate", 180.0, NULL);

So now both structs and unions behave as an opaque pointer (objects). Another pending issue was to remove the Enesim dependency on Ender and Escen. That implies that the types SURFACE and MATRIX are no longer valid and things like this on escen files are not supported anymore:

set { transformation = rotate(0.78, 64, 64), translate(-30, -30); };

Later we will find a solution, maybe add scripting directly? Who knows ...

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