Monday, January 2, 2012

Enesim does OpenGL

Finally I got some time to start implementing the OpenGL backend interface on the renderer side. On the surface side, it was already possible to create surfaces with a GL texture associated using the OpenGL Enesim's pool but we were missing renderers.

Right now only simple renderers are implemented through fragment shaders. Mainly: stripes, checker and background. The approach is to always use shaders, being it geometric, fragment or vertex, I'm working on implementing geometric shaders for the different shapes but I don't have the hardware that supports it, so I suppose it will have to wait .... but good things will come in the future, like having a full GUI (Eon) done on OpenGL or rendering SVG files (ESVG) with full hardware acceleration

Anyway, here is a screenshot, everyone loves screenshots! Here is a simple GLX window displaying a surface which was previously rendered with a stripes renderer which is  rotated.

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