Sunday, August 14, 2011


About 6 years ago I wrote a post about Evoak, reading it I noticed how bad my posting abilities are (not that Im good now either) because there was no exaplanation on what my goal was, it was a post of about the status of something and I suppose is difficult to valorate a milestone whenever you dont know the final goal. On that time I was really fascinated about the evoak concept but was scared of the amount of work it was needed given the Evas unstability and Edje emerge. How to code such a great idea when you know your work will be uselss two months later?

I used Evoak on my final project on the univserity, it was a real success and for me it was enviosining a different approach to the classic server-client we had on that time (and still now), X11. This topic might be taken care off on another post.

Six years later and a complete different set of libraries and tools I'm able to code again that idea. The responsible of such possibility is Ender. When I started creating Enesim, Emage and several other libraries my main goal was to actually replace some of the bits of the current EFL stack specially Evas, to be able to improve and advance with new and good technical ideas. From the current state of EFL I would say that both projects are riding its own road for now, who knows later ... The situation was that I was trying to create some kind of object system or better, a description system which will allow me to serialize properties and values easily, if I were able to create a toolkit/canvas library using only properties and values then the next step, that is, send those properties through the network, would be easy and the Evoak concept could rise again.

That moment has arrived. Everything is still on an alpha status (everything is just a proof of concept) but the idea is working. Right now, with Eon being a toolkit system with objects I can create and manipulate on a generic way (through properties, values and events) I was able to create such network bridge to serialize the widgets data through the network and create a server which shows those applications without any change. If you take a look on the ecore_remote backend of Eon and the eon_server application on the Enesim repository you'll see the actual implementation. This is a very good milestone on the idea I wanted to accomplish: bring Evoak back! :)

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