Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Etch hits E's svn

Etch, a timeline based animation library, finally arrives to E's svn repository. Basically you define animations based on key frames and a data type (integer, float, argb colors, etc), set the interpolation between those key frames and your callbacks will be called at every frame based on the number of frames per second that you have set.

Etch *e;
e = etch_new();
etch_timer_fps_set(e, 30);
a = etch_animation_add(e, ETCH_UINT32, _animation_cb, NULL);
k = etch_animation_keyframe_add(a);
etch_animation_keyframe_type_set(k, ETCH_ANIMATION_COSIN);
etch_animation_keyframe_value_set(k, 10);
etch_animation_keyframe_time_set(k, 3, 3015);

Note that this library is totally agnostic about the main loop handler, you just need to call etch_timer_tick(e) to update the internal system.

The example below is an application that transforms an evas' image and moves it based on a couple of Etch's animations and Enesim's transformation functions.

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Hisham said...

I'm glad to see this lib stabalizing. Can't wait to begin using it in our grand scheme to rule the universe. (=