Thursday, December 27, 2007


It all began when discussing some ideas about Evas, about splitting the Evas' common engine as a new direct rendering library for easy testing, to merge both a8r8g8b8 and r5g6b5 formats into a common place and for cases where one needs to draw without the canvas approach. So I took the code and did a new library called Emage (which is under the svn of efl-research Google's code) but then i realized that it was still too restrictive, mainly because the use of the graphic context, so i started a new library called Enesim. Enesim is a library that implements several graphics algorithms/concepts but flexible enough to draw whatever you want with your own pipeline. You have renderers, surfaces, rasterizers, scanlines, etc. The main purpose of this library was to be able to code vector graphics and raster graphics having a common graphics code base.

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